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Products the
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Cuts of beef proudly offered by the Star Ranch Angus beef brand.

Well-trimmed filet mignon steaks with herb butter, shallots and seasoning

Filet Mignon

The most tender steak. Filet mignon is known for its fine, buttery texture and melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. This cut can be prepared in a variety of ways and pairs well with accompanying sauces or compound butter.

Cooking methods: Grilling, Skillet Cooking, Skillet to Oven, Broiling, Sous Vide

Porterhouse Steak

Big on flavor and even bigger in size, the porterhouse steak is big enough for two and is combined by a strip steak and tenderloin. Tastes great grilled, broiled or seared.

Cooking methods: Grilling, Skillet Cooking, Broiling

Porterhouse steak on butcher paper ready for grilling with pepper and rosemary
Thick cut ribeye steaks being prepared with peppercorn, salt and tomatoes

Ribeye Steak

This iconic cut is a staple for a reason. The ribeye is full of flavor with ample marbling throughout, making for a succulent and juicy finish. It’s also easy to prepare and tastes great with just a little salt and pepper.

Cooking methods: Grilling, Skillet Cooking, Skillet to Oven, Broiling

Top Sirloin Steak

This cut is versatile, lean and perfect for the grill. Not to mention, it delivers on bold, beefy flavor. Serve it as steak with a nicely seared crust or cut into kebabs for a fun twist.

Cooking methods: Grilling, Skillet Cooking, Stir-fry, Skillet to Oven, Broiling, Sous Vide

Top sirloin steaks ready for grilling with seasonings and lemon
Perfectly cut t-bone steak with mushrooms and seasoning before being grilled

T-Bone Steak

The T-Bone steak is similar to a porterhouse but smaller in size. But don’t let that fool you — this cut has just as much rich, meaty flavor and tastes great prepared hot and fast.

Cooking methods: Grilling, Skillet Cooking, Broiling

Strip Steak

Also known as a New York strip, this lean cut of steak delivers on tender, beefy flavor and a mealtime experience you can be proud of. A simple way to cook strip steak is on a grill or cast-iron skillet.

Cooking methods: Grilling, Skillet Cooking, Skillet to Oven, Broiling, Sous Vide

Thick cut NY Strip Steaks ready to be grilled
Flank steak on cutting board ready for salt and pepper seasonings

Flank Steak

Bold, beefy flavor is front-and-center with this lean cut. To prepare it best, tenderize the meat by marinating, cooking low and slow or try it sliced thin and stir-fried. Make sure to cut against the grain for the best eating experience.

Cooking methods: Grilling, Stir-fry, Broiling, Smoking, Sous Vide


Often made into barbecue, brisket is best enjoyed after being tenderized. Try braising, smoking or slow cooking to add rich tenderness and satisfying flavor. It can also be served sliced or shredded. 

Cooking methods: Oven Roasting, Braising, Pressure Cooking, Smoking, Sous Vide

Trimmed brisket ready to be prepared for cooking
Ranch steak being portioned for grilling with mushrooms and potatoes

Ranch Steak

Also known as chuck steak, the ranch steak offers rich, beefy flavor at an affordable price. Marinate for tenderness, then grill or braise to create the perfect finish. 

Cooking methods: Grilling, Braising, Broiling

Boneless Bottom Round Roast

As its name suggests, this cut is best enjoyed roasted or slow-cooked. The bottom round roast also comes at a great value and is the perfect dish for serving a large family.

Cooking methods: Oven Roasting, Braising

Portioned Boneless Bottom Round Roast steak on cutting board ready to cook.
Flap meat preparation with paprika, garlic and lemon

Flap Meat

The hearty texture of flap meat is similar to flank, hanger and skirt steaks. This makes it the perfect choice for fajitas, tacos and more. Try it marinated for an extra punch of flavor and tenderness. 

Cooking methods: Grilling, Skillet Cooking, Stir-fry, Broiling

Stew Meat

As its name indicates, stew meat is full of flavor and a staple for stews, slow-cooking, chili and everything in-between. Its versatility makes it a great go-to for busy weeknights.

Cooking methods: Braising, Pressure Cooking, Sous Vide, Stewing

Stew meat with accompanying potatoes, carrots and celery before preparation
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